Saturday, January 26, 2008

A January in Russia

The whole world has a tendecy to complain about the amount of vacation Europeans and especially Mediterranean citizens get. If you count all the Santos, Santas, Christmas, New Year, Indepedence, Worker, Mother, Father...Grandmother days, add to that siestas, the dead month of August and the concept of manana - you do not keep but wonder how Europe ever mananged to become a First world country.

Russia, although lagging behind, manages to hit back in January. In fact, while the world goes through some of the worst stock market days since September 11, holds the World Economic Forum in Davos, Russia only barely manages to wake up.

Here is a quick snapshot of the January celebrations:

December 31st - January 8th - state holidays
January 7th - the old Russian Christmas
January 14th - the old Russian New Year
January 25th - Tatiana's and Student Day.

Excellent, it's the perfect time to have a break during the heart of winter! May be, if it was not for the amount of emails that you have to go through when back and the fact the the world seems to just move on without waiting.

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